About us

EP Cargo Trucking

We focus on road freight transport both with our own fleet of vehicles and using forwarding services. Our specific service is the transport of loose bulk materials in silo trucks, tipping semi-trailers, or on sliding floors.

At the same time, we are active in the field of handling bulk substrates in the areas of thermal power plants and coal mines.

EP Cargo Trucking CZ is part of EP Logistics International (EPLI), a holding which brings together logistics companies of the EPH group specializing in the transport needs of internal and external trading partners.

EP Logistics International is part of Energetický a průmyslový holding a.s.

The company was established under the name EOP & HOKA s.r.o. in 1993 as a subsidiary of Elektrárny Opatovice a.s. (EOP) by transformation from the original transport division. Its primary task was to provide the electric power plant with operational services both at the inputs (supplying with limestone and lime) and at the outputs (back part of the fuelling cycle, i.e., handling and sale of energy by-products).

In 2008, when EOP was taken over by EPH holding, the company was separated from EOP and integrated into EPH's structure. At the same time, this step created conditions for the expansion of activities outside the EOP service.

In 2010, the company subsequently started providing operational services for Komořany Power Plant (United Energy a.s.). In 2015, the first foreign branch was established at the PGS coal mine, EOPHOKA PL in Poland. In 2017, the EOPHOKA SK branch in Slovakia was established at Nováky Power Plant (ENO) and a branch was opened in Ostrava. SAJDOK Třinec was connected to it by acquisition in 2018. The acquisition of PTA Plzeň followed in 2020. On 1 December 2020, the name of the company was changed to EP Cargo Trucking CZ.

EP Cargo Trucking CZ currently actively covers the entire region of Central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, and Germany) with its fleet of 110 vehicles.